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Life was reduced to one simple equation; to fight the straps was to give up breathing. I am going to remove that blinding tape now, brace yourself. What they want, apparently, is to turn my poor bottom into a stop sign. I wont make that mistake again, if I ever get the chance. I am led to what feels like a coral fence and tethered, my naked body shivering in both cold and fear. My ankles are released and I am lifted and steadied in a squatting position so that I can at last relieve myself. A few seconds later my little black dress and push-up bra met the same fate, cut off with a pair of emergency room scissors and tossed aside, leaving me dressed in only my shoes, garter belt and nylons. My bladder is bursting but I hold on, afraid that if I piss all over this guy Ill be punished. What does surprise me is that he makes me come, twice.

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I find that I am attached to some kind of not-so-merry-go-round. I discovered then that he was hung like a python, large in girth and long enough that my bent knees barely touched the seat cushions on each side of his butt. Unaccustomed to light I cannot open my eyes in the bright sunlight before a soft leather half helmet is pulled down and strapped to my head, covering my eyes and keeping me in the dark. The tape over my eyes and the nylon harness on my arms was never removed, even when they were bathing. It does me no good, however. Between the four of them I didnt get a lot of rest. The gag is bad enough when they remove it, seeming to peel the skin from my lower face as they peel it away and pry that sodden foam rubber out of my mouth. Right now I seem to be a sex slave. I am five foot two, fifty kilos and what my big brother calls stacked. Id been told that his name was Thomas Robertson and that he was a successful Wall Street investment banker.

ponygirl geschichte sexhoroskop fische

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